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'The Break-Up': Jen and Vince Call It Quits

After rumors spread of Jennifer Aniston spending Thanksgiving alone and Vince Vaughn enjoying a wild night at an exotic dance club, the couple’s reps have officially confirmed to “Extra” that this Jen and Vince “Break-Up” is very real.

As word spread Wednesday morning and people started talking, their rep released this statement: “Jennifer and Vince mutually agreed to end their relationship.”

The end came after Jen returned to LA after visiting Vince in London in late November, just weeks after Jen went on “Oprah” to deny the mounting breakup buzz.

Jen told us that she and Vince had instant chemistry from the moment they met on the set of “The Break-Up.”

“He’s just such a really easygoing, unaffected, no-ego guy,” she said at the time.

So what went wrong?

“There was no big blowup; a friend of Vince’s told People that there’s no drama here,” People magazine’s J.D. Heyman told us. “Everybody parted amicably; it just had run its course.”

Just after shooting the movie, both Jen and Vince spoke candidly with “Extra” about their past “Break-Ups.”

“Men date a woman hoping she doesn’t change, and women date a man hoping that he will change,’” Vaughn joked.

Jen added, “I don’t think the lover ever goes away, but I think the love goes away.”

The rumors of Jen-Vince romance troubles began when Vince made headlines after allegedly kissing a mystery blonde. He threatened to sue over the false story.

But on Wednesday, reports surfaced that Vince was recently spotted partying with pals at a strip club in Hungary.

However, People magazine reports that the split was not fueled by a third party.

“There are no tabloid headlines here,” Heyman said.

“Extra” is also told that despite the split, both Jen and Vince remain good friends.

And once again, America’s sweetheart is looking for her Mr. Right.