Healthy Alternatives Your Waistline Will Love

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Do you want a rocking red carpet body like the stars but have a hard time cutting calories? “Extra” can help!

Diet guru Lisa Lillien, of, revealed healthy alternatives to your favorite holiday comfort food.

“Believe it or not, you can pig out on healthy junk food,” Lillien promised.

The first guilt-free item is pizza.

“You take a light English muffin, put some low-calorie or fat-free sauce on top, some fat-free shredded mozzarella cheese, a few slices of turkey pepperoni and pop it in the oven at about 350 until it gets hot,” Lisa showed us.

Ms. Hungry Girl herself then showed us a new way to get your daily dose of veggies, and eating vegetables never looks so cool, as Lisa used Kale as a delicious substitute for chips.

“You spray it just for a couple quick seconds with some olive oil, pop it in the oven until crispy,” Lillien said. “It really tastes like potato chips, believe it or not!”

Lisa even supplied us with a healthy alternative to onion rings.

“My guilt-free onion rings are the greatest swap ever,” she promised.

The top secret ingredient? Lisa uses Fiber One cereal to coat the onion.

“This whole plate has about 200 calories if you really want to pig out,” Lillien dished.

And to satisfy your sweet tooth, use pumpkin instead of oil when baking brownies.

“You get super fudgy brownies that are lower in fat and calories and packed with fiber.

Now that’s some holiday advice we can sink our teeth into!