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'American Idol' Alums Continue to Shine

We knew she could sing, but Katharine McPhee is also a pro at rocking the red carpet.

From Monday night’s Billboard Music Awards to the Carousel of Hope Ball, the 22-year-old “American Idol” superstar has become the “It” girl of 2006.

But Katharine’s success wasn’t handed to her; she’s traveled a rocky road to her current fame.

“Extra” was the first to tell you about Kat’s painful battle with an eating disorder; she entered a treatment center for bulimia right after auditioning for “American Idol.”

“I remember the first day, my first meal where I sat down with the other girls,” McPhee recalled. “I cried at the table, and it was just too overwhelming…just going face to face and seeing all the other girls struggling.”

The sexy “Idol” songstress opened up to “Extra’s” special correspondent, her sister Adriana McPhee, backstage at “The Dr. Keith Ablow Show,” where Kat said she now believes if you change your mindset about food, your body will respond.

“If some see me eating a plate of French fries, I’m very happy to be like, ‘I’m eating fries,’” she said.

McPhee’s first album is due out in January, and Kat said she’s got a lot of gratitude for how far she’s come.

“I try to wake up and say, ‘Thank you God, for everything you’ve given me.’ And if I can help somebody get help and go work on their eating disorder, then that’s great,” she said.

Meanwhile, “Idol” alum Elliott Yamin, whose voice wowed even Simon Cowell last season, is also having quite a year.

Now the show’s loveable third place finisher, who Judge Paula Abdul called “a funky white boy,” is unveiling an extreme head-to-toe makeover in this week’s People magazine, and “Extra” has your first look!

From the tip of his head to the shoes on his feet, it’s not just Elliott’s new-do that’s new, his clothing style is too.

“I used to wear a lot of loose stuff,” he explained. “Now I figured out how to dress right.”

However, the most dramatic change in Elliott’s appearance is the result of a comment he made on the red carpet.

“I said I’ve always wanted a nicer smile,” he recalled. “And the next thing you know, I got offers from dentists all over the country to fix my teeth for free.”

Elliott also has something else to look forward to. Along with his new look, he has a new holiday single, hitting AOL this week, and a brand new publishing deal with Sony.