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Christie Brinkley: Ready to Move On

Only “Extra” has the authorized update on Christie Brinkley and her shocking divorce scandal.

“Extra” was with the supermodel mom, who put aside the heartbreak of her divorce with Peter Cook, as she made holiday plans with her adorable children.

With Brinkley’s blessing, her longtime friend Dr. Patricia Wexler spoke to “Extra” on Wednesday in New York.

“I spoke to Christie this morning, and she’s doing really well, and she’s preparing for the Christmas holiday,” the dermatologist shared, who has a line of skin care products that the supermodel herself endorses.

Dr. Wexler also revealed that this is a challenging time for the blonde beauty.

“Especially holidays, you have to share children. It’s tough, but she’s very strong,” Wexler confided.

While the “Uptown Girl” has yet to comment publicly on Cook’s admitted affair with his then 18-year-old assistant, Christie has undeniably taken revenge: by looking better than ever!

But is she ready for romance? Sorry, guys: not just yet.

“I’ve spoken to Christie, and Christie is certainly not even thinking about dating,” Wexler dished.

“Extra” also learned that earlier this month, Christie and Cook reportedly avoided looking at each other when they bumped in to one another in the courtroom.

However, they did agree on child visitation through February, and they also promised to not talk trash about each other in front of their kids. The couple is due back in court Jan. 22.

But is a settlement near?

Famed New York attorney Barry Slotnick, who is well-acquainted with Brinkley, revealed that she wants to avoid a nasty divorce battle.

“I think this will be a very quick decision,” he said.

According to a recent report, Brinkley was to offer Cook $25 million to end their marriage quickly and quietly.

“Depending on what her estate is at the present moment, $25 million could be cheaper for her to get this over with,” Slotnick added.

For now, Christie’s top priority is simply spending Christmas with her kids.