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Differing 'Views' Cause Drama for Rosie and Ripa

Picture of Yaniece Thomas
It was the morning show moment that sparked a feud between Rosie O’Donnell and Kelly Ripa.

The friction, spawned by “Live” guest co-cost Clay Aiken cuffing his hand over Kelly’s mouth, is still making headline news after Ripa and Rosie went face to face on Tuesday’s “The View.”

“He’s shaking hands with everybody in the audience; it’s cold and flu season,” Kelly explained of her outrage over the former “Idol” contestant's actions. “To imply that it’s homophobic is outrageous.”

On Wednesday, we learned Clay sent Kelly flowers, as Barbara Walters publicly declared on “The View” that the feud is dead.

“All is well with them,” Walters revealed. “so let’s move on.”

At Tuesday night’s American Music Awards, the man at the center of the controversy –Clay Aiken- stayed mum while on the red carpet.

But onstage, co-presenter Tori Spelling delivered the inevitable punch line, as she covered his mouth and joked, “And I’ll tell you where that hand’s been later.”

And while the saga ends, “Extra” uncovered an old episode of “Live” in which Kelly puts her hands over Reege’s mouth last February.

Hey, Kell: isn’t it the height of flu season? (We’re only kidding!)