The World's Most Expensive Face Creams Revealed!

- Price tag: $2,100, making it the world's most expensive facial cream
- Celebrity Fans: Meryl Streep and Nicollette Sheridan
- Most Popular Product: The Essence, which currently has a waiting list
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- Price tag: $1,500, created by world renowned plastic surgery, Dr. Gregory Brown
- Knows His Stuff: Dr. Gregory Brown, founder of Revive, was the first plastic surgeon to use Epidermal Growth Factor in skin care products
- Celebrity Fans: Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Drea de Matteo
- Most Popular Product: 28-day enzyme treatment, Po-Magnifique

- Price tag: Brought to you for $1,000 out of France
- Why Buy: This product re-activates collagen productions, with visible results in 4 weeks
- Celebrity Fans: Mariska Hargitay and Ellen DeGeneres
- Most Popular Product: Daily Line Reducer