10 Crazy Days in Vegas: Day 1

Things are heating up in Las Vegas! And I'm not talking about the 90-plus degree temperatures that are now with us until October. I'm speaking of the parties… You want proof, do you? Well, check out Day 1 of this recent 10 day period.

Things got completely out of control at the grand opening of Randy Gerber's new club "Cherry" at the brand new Red Rock Casino. I walk into the club through the cherry-red entry tube, and the first thing I see is "Dancing with the Stars" vixen Lisa Rinna shaking it on one of the mini-stages in a way that ABC's censors would have never allowed. I thought she looked incredibly hot, and apparently Jim Belushi shared my feelings, because within 5 minutes he was on that mini-stage with mini-Lisa cutting a major-rug.

You know when one of your friends does something… umm… unusual at a bar or club, and you turn to your other friends and say, "I saw that comin'!" Well, I told my wife, "Jim is going to fall off that stage." 30 seconds later… BAM!!

Belushi got a little ambitious with his dance moves and slipped right off the side of that 5 foot riser, landing directly on his bum. For a moment, I thought "According to Jim" would have to be recast with James Gandolfini because James Belushi had just fractured his arse. But Belushi bounced right up, didn't miss a beat and knowing that a reporter from "Extra" had just witnessed this awkward event, he yelled over to me, "I'm fine!"

I turned to my wife to say, "I told you so," (which I never get to say to my wife), but she was too busy staring at Cindy Crawford getting acquainted with the stripper pole 30 feet to our right. Now, you should know two things: 1. Cindy Crawford is hotter now than she was 15 years ago. 2. Cindy Crawford is married to Randy Gerber… the guy who owns the club… the guy who is now noticing the eyes of this "Extra" reporter (and everyone else in his new club) fixed on his wife… the guy who is now walking over to Cindy and politely asking her to get down off the stripper pole.

My wife and I could only rejoice about our wild "Cherry" night for half our trip home, because I got this phone call from a friend.

"Dude, Prince is sitting 10 feet away from me at Pure right now!"

So we turn the car around, and 10 minutes later we're walking into Caesar's Palace, walking into Pure Nightclub and sitting 10 feet away from Prince. Just as the owner of Pure was arranging a handshake and possible interview with the diminutive one, word had gotten out that Prince was in the house. A crowd started gathering around his table, the DJ started mixing Prince's greatest hits (can you imagine beat mixing Prince records IN FRONT OF PRINCE!) and Prince felt it was time to find a side door before someone yelled "Let's Go Crazy!"

For those of you who are beating on your computer right now because you missed your chance to have drinks next to the most talented artist of the last 20 years, you didn't miss your chance. Prince has just announced that he will play the Empire Ballroom on the Vegas Strip, May 26 and May 27. Tickets are $312.01 in honor of his new album "3121". The Empire Ballroom is a tiny place compared to the huge stadiums Prince has been playing, so if you can grab tickets… grab them! Then jump on a plane and get out here. Or just watch "Extra" because we'll take you there.

Oh.. and you do know the whole Jim-Belushi-Lisa-Rinna-Randy-Gerber-Cindy-Crawford-Prince affair took place in one night here in Vegas.

I still have to tell you about Kevin Federline opening up about Britney at Pure, Britney showing off some sort of bump at the Caesar's Palace pool, Kevin Dillion getting married by Elvis with his Entourage singing along, Nick Lachey talking about his Vegas lifestyle, Pamela Anderson's new Sin City Penthouse, Paris Hilton's new NFL QB "friend," the craziness that is "Rehab" at the Hard Rock Pool and me getting a tattoo at the Palms after making a bet with the cast of "Scrubs." (In other words, the other 9 days!)