'Legends of Tomorrow' Cast Teases Constantine’s Return in Mid-Season Premiere

'Legends of Tomorrow' Cast Teases Constantine’s Return in Mid-Season Premiere
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The Legends are getting a little help from John Constantine when the show returns Feb. 12! Fans caught a glimpse of the trench coat-wearing Brit in the mid-season finale in December, and viewers can expect to see a lot more of him in the upcoming episode.

The occult expert is joining the team on the Waverider to help a demon-possessed little girl and possibly help them battle a mysterious entity named Mallus. was invited to the “Legends of Tomorrow” set in Vancouver, where the cast dished on actor Matt Ryan’s return to the Arrowverse.

Caity Lotz reminded reporters that this is her second time working with Ryan. Their characters crossed paths once before while on “Arrow,” but Sara Lance was “pretty much possessed the whole time.”

This time around “Sara throws him for a loop because he thinks he is all impressive, but then she… takes everybody down.”

Do these two strong personalities get along? “Yeah, I think they are friends. They like each other,” Lotz said.

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It seems Constantine has also taken a liking to Citizen Cold (Wentworth Miller).

Dominic Purcell, who has nicknamed Constantine “Trench Coat,” dished on John’s flirt-fest with Cold.

“He was hitting on Wentworth’s character,” Purcell said of the bisexual Constantine, adding that watching them flirt was “too much” for Rory who ended up bolting.

“The scene is hysterical,” Purcell said. “We were all just on the floor laughing, so it’s all done in good fun.”

Constantine is also causing some jealousy between Nate (Nick Zano) and Amaya (Maisie Richardson.

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Maisie explained, “There is quite a fun dynamic with Nate as well. He gets a little bit jealous. So, I think just [Constantine’s] ballsy sort of energy and his skills that he has, Amaya definitely admires that, and loves the fact that he's so gung-ho about everything. She looks up to him, definitely.”

The warlock is also interested in Zari’s amulet. Tala Ashe revealed, “I think he’s going to be interested in the totems in general and what their meaning is, and he might be someone who can help with figuring out what that means.”

Be sure to watch the mid-season premiere of "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" Feb. 12 at 8 p.m. on The CW.