'The Revenant': Leonardo DiCaprio Says Bear Sequence 'Breaks Cinema Boundaries'

'The Revenant': Leonardo DiCaprio Says Bear Sequence 'Breaks Cinema Boundaries'

There is plenty of controversy surrounding Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest film “The Revenant” where his character gets mauled by a bear.

The internet exploded after reports claimed the film included a scene where Leo wasn’t just mauled by the bear… mama bear may have gotten a little too frisky.

“Extra’s” Mario Lopez was at the L.A. film premiere with Leo, who set the record straight.

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In “The Revenant,” which is set in the 1800s, he plays real life fur trapper Hugh Glass who is brutally attacked by a bear and left for dead by his hunting team led by John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy).

Leo explained, "The bear scene — that was the best use of special effects. That sequence was three weeks of rehearsal in the wilderness. It's a sequence that I think breaks cinema boundaries."

When asked about rumors his character was violated by the bear, DiCaprio said, "I don't even pay attention, they were so ridiculous.”

He did expand on the making of the film, saying, "I knew this movie was going to be incredibly difficult because logistically we had locations that we had to get to that were untouched by humanity. So we were there for nine months in sub-zero temperatures. This was really an edurance test for all of us."

The star, who already received a Golden Globe nod for the role, added, "I think more than anything I wanted to try a film that really didn't rely on a lot of dialogue.”

“The Revenant” opens in theaters on Christmas Day.