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Adele Shatters Billboard Record with '25'

Adele Shatters Billboard Record with '25'
[Credit: Alasdair McLellan/XL Recordings/Columbia Records]
Adele's "25," already a critical smash, has now shattered a Billboard record set by *NSYNC in 2000,  back when albums were purchased in far greater numbers.

According to Billboard's Keith Caulfield, "25" has officially sold 3.38 million copies in its very first week, making it the first to sell over 3 million in a week, only the second to ever sell over 2 million in a week, and only the 20th to ever sell over 1 million in a week.

Also, "25" became 2015's top-selling album in the space of seven days, more than doubling the whole-year sales of runner-up "1989" by Taylor Swift.