'Extra' at 'The Hunger Games' Premiere!

Screaming fans lined up for "The Hunger Games" premiere in Los Angeles on Monday, as Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth walked the red carpet.

Hutcherson, who was grabbed on the carpet by an admirer, told "Extra" correspondent Ben Lyons, "Yeah, it happens a little bit, it's a little crazy."

Liam added, "'The Hunger Games' is bigger than any of us. I think it's bigger than any of the actors in it or anything around it."

The film, based on the books by Suzanne Collins, is expected to open at $100 million when it debuts next Friday. When asked how it feels to be compared to a film like "Twilight," Hutcherson replied, "It's exciting. 'Twilight' was extremely successful, so it's an honor."

Lyons also spoke with the film's star, Jennifer Lawrence, and asked about her ascent to superstardom, specifically about all the magazine covers she's graced. "I point at it and say, that's exactly what I deserve. Kidding! I laugh at it, actually, because my brothers, they always say I'm ugly, so every time I see myself on the cover I say, 'Ha ha, I'm ugly... on the cover!'"

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