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Flight Attendant Denies Being Mother of Arnold's Love Child


Tammy Tousignant, a former flight attendant who worked for Arnold Schwarzenegger, has denied reports that she is the mother of his love child, reports RadarOnline.com.

Tousignant's name resurfaced Tuesday after Schwarzenegger revealed he fathered a child with a former employee and hid it from his wife, Maria Shriver.

The flight attendant, however, had a paternity test performed on her son in 2003 and disproved those allegations, her lawyer told RadarOnline.com.

"I will confirm the following: the Tousignant child was no 'love child' involving anyone other than the parents of the child, Tammy and her husband, Tom Tousignant. Arnold Schwarzenegger was not the biological father of the Tousignant child. All scientific tests confirmed that Mr. Tousignant was the biological father of the child," the lawyer said.