'Arthur's' Russell Brand and Helen Mirren Talk to 'Extra'

Russell Brand's title character in his latest movie, "Arthur," hit close to home, as Brand tells "Extra's" Renee Bargh, he was a "mischievous monkey" who was a wild drunk. "I was crazy. I wasn't so sweet as Arthur. I know there's a dark side to alcohol. That's why I haven't had a drink for eight years," the comedian revealed.

"Arthur," a reboot of the 1981 original film starring Dudley Moore, focuses on a billionaire playboy and drunkard named Arthur Bach who puts his wealthy inheritance on the line after falling in love with a New York City tour guide, played by Greta Gerwig.

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Helen Mirren, who plays the nanny hired to look after Arthur, admits she was not a fan of the original comedy. Brand chimed in, imitating Mirren. "'I didn't like it. It was rubbish.' She's got an Oscar. She's a Dame. She doesn't have to mind her manners for nobody." Helen definitely is a fan of her co-star, telling Bargh, "To think, five years ago I was completely Russell-free. And now I'm sort of Russell-addicted."

When Renee asked whether wife Katy Perry leaves little notes around the house for him, Russell replied, "No, that's made up. That's the sort of thing a cat would do."

"Arthur" sloshes into theaters April 8.