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'Extra's' Lost Interview with Martin and Charlie Sheen

"All his life he's been this great light, great grace in our lives." That was what Martin Sheen told "Extra" about his son Charlie during a lost interview with both father and son on the set of "The West Wing."

Martin recalled the extreme measures he took after Charlie overdosed in 1998. He forced his son into rehab by turning him in to the police. In response to being turned in by his own father, Charlie explained, "There was a time I didn't recognize, I didn't respect, I didn't realize the importance of that commitment until you finally get through the fire and you're able to look back and realize that, you know, why somebody did what they had to do."

In a statement that likely holds true today, the elder Sheen said 13 years ago, "It is my hope that he will accept recovery and become free."