Taylor Swift Named AP's Entertainer of the Year

taylor swift

Taylor Swift had one great year.

Swift, 20, dominated the music industry this year with her smash album "Fearless" -- and due to her success, the Associated Press named the country star Entertainer of the Year.

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"I am so honored and excited," Taylor tells reporters of the award. "This was so unexpected and I could not be more grateful."

Swift had a phenomenal year, but she's looking forward to 2010 -- and her plans include a new album, which she's currently writing songs for. "The second that I put out 'Fearless,' the moment that album came out and I was done with it, I started writing for my next album."

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Taylor adds that she's aiming to top her success in 2009. "I love to plan 20 steps ahead of myself, and it's really fun competition game that I play with myself, trying to top what I've done last. For this next record, that's all that I've been thinking about, that's all that my mind has been fixated on for the last year, and it's all that I'm going to be thinking about for this next year."