Angelina to 'Slumdog' Freida Pinto: 'Keep It Real'


"Slumdog Millionaire" stars Freida Pinto and Dev Patel are revealing everything to "Extra" - from Angelina Jolie's advice, to Freida's celeb crush and who Dev wants to work with next!

The beautiful Freida Pinto enjoyed meeting Angelina Jolie at the Critics Choice Awards. Pinto says Jolie had some helpful tips, saying, "I didn't say much. I was just like starring in awe for a bit... She was really wonderful to talk to and very supportive of newcomers... She's just like, 'Embrace it. Enjoy it and keep it real. Don't get affected by all this. Enjoy every moment.'"

Newbie Dev tells "Extra" he would love to work with Will Smith. He even wanted to send Will a personal message. "Hello, Mr. Smith... Please let me do a film with you. I stumbled upon your premiere of 'Hancock' in London and I waited three hours. I was dying to go to the toilet and I've got a picture of you on my phone... It'd be great. Just a small role. Shake your hand or something... Thank you." Also on Patel's wish list? "Leonardo DiCaprio. I think he's wicked... And I love Jim Carrey."

Pinto also has a special place in her heart for Leo! The onetime model confesses she had "fantasized about him. Had a crush on him. Ever since 'Titanic'... This is really embarrassing... I had a scrapbook with everything Leonardo in it." Freida remains a big fan, admitting, "The crush is gone but the admiration is still there." Pinto also praises DiCaprio's "Revolutionary Road" co-star, saying, "I really think it'd be fun to work with Kate Winslet because I found this newfound support in her... Every time I have a question, she's always there to answer it."

Still getting used to his new found fame, Patel says, "I went up to Danny DeVito. We were at the Producers Guild Awards... I said, 'Hi, Mr. DeVito.' And he said, 'Oh, hey. How are you doing?'... He made us sign something for his family... I was like, 'Shouldn't I be getting an autograph from you?'"

Plus -- everyone wants to know what the small boy jumped into during the infamous outhouse scene in "Slumdog Millionaire." Patel reveals, "It was actually peanut butter and chocolate... It's the funniest scene. In between takes, everyone was licking [it]. Tasted so good."

Catch the full interview with Freida and Dev on "Extra" this Thursday, January 29!