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Tim Russert Remembered

Luke Russert appeared on the "Today" show this morning, with a touchingly stoic and inspiring remembrance of his father, who died suddenly last Friday of a heart attack.

"There was not a day that goes by that I didn't know my father loved me," said the recent college grad. "There was always a lot of love from him and we would always hug." Luke also said he would keep his father's chair from "Meet the Press" set, saying, "That's my chair." The chair was poetically empty during Sunday morning's tribute, hosted by Tom Brokaw.

Celebs and fellow journalists like Sam Donaldson remembered Russert, saying, "He was the best in the business. He was larger than life. He was exuberant. And he did it better than anyone else." Donald Trump said, "He'll be missed, and what happened was very sad." Bruce Springsteen paid tribute to his number one fan by dedicating "Thunder Road" in Tim's memory at a concert on Saturday.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, health expert for the "Oprah Winfrey Show" and host of a new health show, says there are plenty of ways to prevent heart attacks. "You want to eat foods that come out of the ground," the doc exclusively told "Extra." "Eat real foods that have real nutrients in them and not those empty calories like soda pop and white bread and all the white foods. Chest pressure and shortness of breath are two big warning signs that you might be having a heart problem."