Matthew Perry: 'Friends' Reunion Might Happen 'In Ten Years'

“Extra” sat down with Matthew Perry over the weekend at the 10th Annual Lily Claire Benefit Dinner & Auction.

When asked about his participation in the organization, Matthew declared, “It really is unbelievable, when you see these kids they’re the happiest people around.”

There are rumors that the "Friends" actor is gearing up for TV again, this time with the NBC show "The Occasional Wife."

But Matt is shooting down that story, telling "Extra," "There actually isn’t a new show. Not true, totally lies.” He continued, “That was a rumor that I read about and it’s just not true.”

Adding fuel to that wild rumor? The idea that Britney Spears might be involved!

“Yeah, no not true at all!" he said.

But what about the possibility of a "Friends" reunion? The idea's been thrown around for years since the hit show went off the air.

“I think we’ve done it the best it’s going to happen. Maybe 10 more years," he revealed. "Maybe we can all be in the top left square of 'Hollywood Squares' again.”

Meanwhile, “Extra’s” own Tanika Ray co-hosted the Lili Claire event, and she sparkled in thousands of dollars worth of Rafinity jewelry.

She wore 18-carat diamond earrings worth $41,000 dollars and a diamond and amethyst ring worth $30,000!

Only the best for our Tanika.

For more information on Tanika’s fabulous jewelry, and where you can get your own, click here to go to Rafinity’s website. Rafinity is a longtime supporter of the Lili Claire Foundation.