Katie Holmes Talks Playing ‘Relatable’ Mom in New Movie

Katie Holmes Talks Playing ‘Relatable’ Mom in New Movie

Katie Holmes is opening up about her new movie and life in quarantine in a new interview with “Extra’s” Rachel Lindsay.

She said of life these days, “I’m very good. I’m healthy, my family is healthy. I’m blessed.”

In her new movie “The Secret: Dare to Dream,” Katie plays a single mom named Miranda with three kids. She is in a mountain of debt with a safe-bet fiancé played by Jerry O’Connell. Things take a turn, however, when she rear-ends a minivan driven by Bray (Josh Lucas).

Katie shared, “I loved playing Miranda Wells in the movie… I feel like she is very relatable. She is really going through it… To watch the character go from that place all the way to the end where they have hope is really special.”

Rachel asked her how the movie’s message of hope is relevant now. Katie said, “This year has, it’s been a lot, and there’s been a lot of clarity that’s come out of the year that I think is very positive, but I think there’s still a lot uncertainty and you can feel anxious.”

She added, “It is the perfect time to have [this movie] come out. You can watch it with the whole family and the dynamics are very relatable, even the love story. It takes its time, and I think that’s important.”

Katie also said she enjoyed making the movie on location with her co-stars: “I loved shooting in New Orleans… I just had a wonderful time with them. It was great working with Jerry and Josh. We had such a nice time.”

“The Secret: Dare to Dream” is available On Demand July 31.