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Francis Ford Coppola Shares ‘Letter of Hope’ with Italy

Francis Ford Coppola Shares ‘Letter of Hope’ with Italy

Director Francis Ford Coppola has partnered with Fiat to send a message of hope and solidarity to Italy amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The filmmaker, whose grandparents were from Naples, narrates a beautiful tribute video featuring the people, culture, and coastal and mountain towns of Italy.

Coppola says, in part, “We know things are difficult… But we have found ourselves in tougher times before. You know what? There was always something that kept us afloat: our drive and determination to face and embrace the unknown.”

He later adds, “From Little Italy to big Italy. Siamo con te. (We are with you.)”

The project was a partnership with Fiat, the Italian embassy, and #WeAreItaly. Coppola, the Migrante agency in L.A., and composer Flavio Ibba all worked on the project pro bono.

Fiat shared the video on April 7, which also marked Coppola's 81st birthday and World Health Day.