NYC Couple’s Street Wedding Goes Viral as Friend Officiates from Window

A New York couple found a way to get married while practicing social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Reilly Jennings and Amanda Wheeler tied the knot on a street in Manhattan as friends and witnesses watched from afar.

The nuptials took place in Washington Heights as officiant Matt Wilson performed the ceremony from his fourth-floor apartment.

Jennings wrote on Instagram, “The most perfectly New York moment amidst a crazy time. The magic of this city, our down AF friends, and most importantly @wheelsfit will never be lost on me. Also. Hire @iknowmattwilson for EVERY WEDDING EVER!”

CNN reports the couple planned to get married in October, but they decided to move the timeline up due to the coronavirus.

They picked up a marriage license Thursday with plans to return for a courthouse wedding the next day. Before they could make it back to the marriage bureau on Friday, it was shut down indefinitely.

Jennings told CNN, “After a somber afternoon, one of our friends texted us on a group chat, letting us know he was ordained by the county clerk of New York and could do it. We texted, ‘Wanna marry us outside your window in the next 24 hours?’ and he said ‘YES!’ To that I replied, ‘How about in 90 minutes?' We both finished up work meetings, got dressed, picked up some flowers, and headed to his apartment around the corner.”

Matt fittingly included an excerpt from “Love in the Time of Cholera” in the ceremony before the women said “I do.”