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DJ Khaled Talks 'Extra-Special' All-Star Game Honoring Kobe Bryant

DJ Khaled Talks 'Extra-Special' All-Star Game Honoring Kobe Bryant

“Extra” was with DJ Khaled before he performed a star-studded halftime show at the 2020 NBA All-Star Game. The music mogul opened up about the “historical” night honoring Kobe Bryant and also shared the latest on his life and career.

“This all-star weekend… For everybody to come celebrate all-star and all the greats on the court, this one is extra-special cause it represents Kobe Bryant. I love that they made the MVP a Kobe Bryant MVP trophy… It is historical and blesses his family.”

Remembering Kobe and his legacy, he said, “Greatness, a beautiful father, beautiful person, beautiful soul…inspiration, motivation.”


Khaled was feeling good, saying, “Just had a baby boy… four weeks ago… won a Grammy, doing the all-star halftime, just got done doing Super Bowl, just got done doing ‘Bad Boys 3,’ just flew in from Atlanta, on set with Tyler Perry… and I have been in the studio too, something is coming soon. I got something, I got something.”

He revealed this about working with Perry, “We filmed something, he directed me. He gave me a call and said, ‘Khal would you be interested in doing [this]’ and I said, ‘Of course, I am on my way now.’ Just the love at Tyler Perry studio, the hospitality and the love is so beautiful and so inspirational, what he’s doing… I appreciate for him to think of me for this part he’s got me doing.”