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Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson Avoid Glam Squad Nightmare Before the 2020 SAG Awards

Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson Avoid Glam Squad Nightmare Before the 2020 SAG Awards

Hollywood couple Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were easily on time for the 2020 SAG Awards, where Tom was nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role for his uncanny portrayal of Mr. Rogers in "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood."

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh caught up with the couple, who said they “had time to spare” in arriving Sunday evening after Rita's glam squad snafu nearly made them late for the recent Golden Globes.

Earlier this month, Rita’s glam team arrived more than an hour and a half late to do her hair and makeup for the star-studded Globes.

At the Globes, Tom delivered an emotional speech while accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award. Arriving at the SAG Awards, he reflected on the big moment, saying, “I look down there, I see my beautiful girlfriend, who is now my wife… I saw my beautiful babies who all grew up, had an out-of-body flash there for a second and I had a bad cold, so it all worked out.”

For his part, Hanks said he is all better now. He shared, “I’m all over it. I drank a lot of soup and had my fluids.”

Tom also explained the inspiration behind his Instagram posts of objects like gloves and shoes. He commented, “No, there's a story behind every one of them. You know? Someone lost that glove. Someone might need it. Someone who's wondering, 'Where did I lose it? Where did I lose that glove?' And there's other objects, too, that come along, and every one of them has a little… a little cinematic flash to it.”

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