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Charo Gives Heartbreaking Details Surrounding Husband’s Suicide

Charo Gives Heartbreaking Details Surrounding Husband’s Suicide

Musician Charo appeared on “The Talk” this week, where she opened up about the day her husband Kjell Rasten took his own life.

Rasten, 79, died in February from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. At the time, Charo told Instagram followers that his health had been in decline after suffering a “rare and horrible skin disease” and that he was depressed.

She told “The Talk” co-hosts that she and Kjell had just returned home from Palm Springs the day before he died.

Charo said of the night before his suicide, "We had dinner, but he did not talk. During the dinner, he talked very little. Then, when he went to go to sleep, he looked at me very strange. No clue, no clue at all. The best husband, the best father, the best companion, no clue at all."

She went on to describe how she found him in the alley near their house the next day, noting that she doesn’t think he intended for her to find him.

Charo said of the moment, "I find him and I thought that he fell down. I ran to him, because I thought he fell and I hugged him and I was full of blood. My hair was full of blood like I had a shower of blood. "

She explained, "I was screaming to the street, full of blood and a tour bus called the police and called the ambulance.” She added that he still had a pulse but died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

The star said that the police had to explain to her what happened. An officer told her, “Sit down. He did not fall down. He put a bullet in his head.”

She said it felt like “I had a bullet in my heart. But I want to say to everybody if I can, I thank you with all my heart, and watch for depression."

“The Talk” co-host Sheryl Underwood empathized with Charo, because her husband also took his own life, in 1990. Charo asked how she got through it, and Sheryl told her, "The same way — I had to choose life, and I put God first."