Simon Cowell Reveals New 'AGT' Villain, Plus: How Much Weight Has He Lost?

Simon Cowell Reveals New 'AGT' Villain, Plus: How Much Weight Has He Lost?

Simon Cowell is back on “America’s Got Talent” along with two new judges!

“Extra’s” Terri Seymour caught up with the star at his Malibu estate to find out more about the new season.

When the show returns for Season 14, Terry Crews will host, and Simon will sit on the panel with longtime judge Howie Mandel and new additions Julianne Hough and Gabrielle Union.

Simon dished on the dynamic, saying Howie is the new villain. “Something has changed, but I really like it,” Cowell admitted. Terri commented that Simon is the softie now, and he replied, “The other girls are the focus and the experts and Howie, he’s like the James Bond movie villain… It’s all changed.”

Cowell’s life changed when he welcomed son Eric into the world with his partner Lauren. He calls Eric his best accomplishment. His fear, though, is that Eric will get bullied. “Just the thought of it," he said. "If it ever happened to Eric, I would be right down at that school.”

His favorite thing to do with Lauren and Eric? “Cycle. Now we can cycle together,” he said. “I love that.” He added, “We just do normal things and I hope that stays.”

Simon and Terri also had a little fun on the NBC lot, taking a golf cart tour of where “AGT” is shot. Simon took the opportunity to update Terri on his vegan diet, revealing he’s lost “about 20 lbs.”

Simon said he feels “much better” after shedding the weight. What food does he miss most? “Pizza — that’s been really, really hard.” He doesn't even allow himself a cheat day!

Cowell has a milestone birthday coming up… his 60th! Asked how he will celebrate, he told Terri, “I don’t know yet.” Will he have a big party? “Wait and see.”

“America’s Got Talent” kicks off May 28 on NBC.