'The Voice' News! Kelsea Ballerini to Join Kelly Clarkson’s Team as Advisor

'The Voice' News! Kelsea Ballerini to Join Kelly Clarkson’s Team as Advisor

Only “Extra’s” Mark Wright was with Kelly Clarkson as she revealed Kelsea Ballerini will join her as an advisor for the battle rounds when “The Voice” returns for Season 16.

Kelly will be back in the big red chair as a coach, along with Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and new addition John Legend.

Ballerini was on the show last season as the Comeback Stage coach, but she told Mark it's different teaming up with Kelly.

She explained, “It’s different though doing it with [Kelly] because I feel like I’m learning from what she’s saying, so I feel like I’m being way more quiet, because I’m listening to everything she’s saying.”

Kelly interjected with a laugh, “Cut to – she’s being nice it is just because I talk too damn much!"

When Mark asked if they ever play good cop, bad cop with contestants, Kelly assured him, “Oh no, we are both just nice,” as Kelly joked, “I’m sure we both have b**ches in us!"

Clarkson also talked about beating Blake, and winning “The Voice” with country contestant Chevel Shepherd last season.

“I didn’t even rub it in, Gwen [Stefani] did! She was like, ‘Oh my God, she beat you with a country artist.’”

The “Since U Been Gone” singer also dished on working with John, saying, “I love John, I’ve worked with him before… he brings the gentleman level up on the show compared to the other two, but it is kind of fun all of our personalities are very different.”

“The Voice” premieres Feb. 25 at 8 p.m. on NBC.