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Kim K, 'Over' Being Blonde, Goes Pink

Kim K, 'Over' Being Blonde, Goes Pink
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Kim Kardashian, tired of being blonde, has had a think โ€” and gone pink!

People magazine reports the 37-year-old businesswoman asked her social media followers in a short video posted Sunday, "Hey, guys โ€” do you like my new pink hair?" along with posting a pic of her pink locks.

As for fans who thought she might be "wigging out," Kim replied on Twitter, "I donโ€™t really do wigs . Itโ€™s real."

The look change came just a day after she told her fans she was "over" being a blonde.

Kim still had her platinum blonde hair โ€” which she's had since September โ€” as of Saturday, so her switch to pink was very recent.