'The Voice' Results Live Blog! Who's In and Who's Out?

'The Voice' Results Live Blog! Who's In and Who's Out?

We’re live-blogging the Season 13 results episode of “The Voice” tonight!

At the start of the show, the Top 11 remaining contestants include:

  • Team Miley Cyrus: Ashland Craft, Janice Freeman and Brooke Simpson
  • Team Jennifer Hudson: Davon Fleming, Shi’Ann Jones and Noah Mac
  • Team Adam Levine: Addison Agen and Adam Cunningham
  • Team Blake Shelton: Chloe Kohanski, Red Marlow and Keisha Renee

Read on to find out who was safe and who went home this week!


8:59 pm: The save window is closed! America instantly saved Adam Cunningham. Sadly, that means Janice Freeman will be going home.

8:54 pm: As of right now Adam has 63% of the votes, and Janice has 37%.

8:51 pm: It is time for the Instant Save! use #VoiceSaveAdam or #VoiceSaveJanice to support your favorite contestant.

8:48 pm: Now, Janice sings Sia's "Chandelier" for her last chance performance.

8:45 pm: Adam takes the stage first to sing Lonestar's "Amazed."

8:44 pm: Adam Cunningham of Team Adam and Janice Freeman of Team Miley are at risk of going home this week.

8:41 pm: Keisha Renee of Team Blake and Shi'Ann Jones of Team Jennifer can also celebrate! They are also safe!

8:40 pm: An exciting night for Ashland Craft! The Team Miley contestant just made it to the next round.

8:34 pm: Coach team up! Blake and Jennifer are singing "I'll Name the Dogs."

8:30 pm: Two more artists are safe! Red Marlow from Team Blake and Noah Mac from Team Jennifer!

8:25 pm: Team Adam is channeling Fleetwood Mac, singing "Go Your Own Way!"

8:20 pm: Who else is safe? Davon Fleming from Team Jennifer!

8:19 pm: Another contestant is safe! Brooke Simpson from Team Miley is moving on.

8:12 pm: Team Miley is owning the stage in leopard print, singing Shania Twain's "Man! I Feel Like a Woman."

8:06 pm: Addison Agen from Team Adam is also safe!

8 pm: The show kicks off with a safe contestant... Chloe Kohanski from Team Blake!