Anna Nicole Smith’s Doctor Drops Major Bombshell in New Memoir

Anna Nicole Smith’s Doctor Drops Major Bombshell in New Memoir
Larry Birkhead
Anna Nicole Smith, center, and Dr. Kapoor, right, at the Gay Pride Parade in L.A. in 2005.

Dr. Sandeep Kapoor is opening up about the life and tragic death of his most famous patient, Anna Nicole Smith, in his new memoir, “Trust Me, I’m a Doctor.”

Anna Nicole died in February 2007 from an accidental drug overdose, and several people, including Dr. Kapoor, were arrested. Kapoor faced felony charges, including unlawfully prescribing a controlled substance and obtaining fraudulent prescriptions. He was later cleared of any wrongdoing. spoke with Dr. Kapoor, who opened up about a major bombshell from the book… an estrangement between Anna and her son Daniel, leading up to his death in 2006.

Dr. Kapoor, who also treated Daniel, writes, “Apparently, Daniel met a girl that spring, began dating her, and introduced her to Anna. The girl fell in love with Anna, and the two of them had a brief sexual relationship. It was downright Shakespearean.”

Daniel eventually found out and was livid. Kapoor writes, “He felt betrayed and stopped speaking to Anna.”

Anna Nicole and son Daniel in 2004.

Kapoor told that the two reconciled, but it was right before Daniel, 20, died of an accidental drug overdose on a trip to see his mom and meet his baby sister Dannielynn in September 2006.

“In a sense they did reconcile and they worked out those issues about this girlfriend… they did work that out, but it worked out the day before he died… Anna really wanted him to come to the Bahamas and live there, and he did go there but he died the same day he got there.”

Anna, who was 39 at the time, died just months later, also of an overdose.

After losing Daniel, Kapoor said the “grief was so profound” that Anna “wasn’t able to overcome that broken heart.”

In the aftermath, Kapoor is very happy that her daughter Dannielynn, now 11, is growing up out of the spotlight and living with her father, Larry Birkhead, in Kentucky.

“She is a lovely little girl,” he told “I met her in an airport with Larry by chance at a baggage claim and it was just surreal to finally meet her, to meet Anna’s little girl who looked like a spitting image of her!”

Dannielynn and Larry Birkhead in 2017.

He also opened up about meeting the “giggly and happy” Anna and the time he bent the doctor-patient rules to attend a Gay Pride and Project Angel Food event with her in L.A.

A journal entry about the outing -- and photos of Kapoor wearing a T-shirt that read, “Trust Me, I’m a Doctor” – would later come back to haunt him, as the prosecution questioned the nature of his relationship with Anna.

He told us, “It was a very festive Pride day, so people got out of control, drank too much, and ended up kissing, and that was what was photographed, videoed and would come back later to haunt me, of course. At the time, it was just a joyful event.”

Kapoor continued, “I did write in the fateful words that were used in the trial, ‘I give her methadone and valium, can she ruin me?’ Those quotes were written by myself sort of regretting I had done this with this patient who was a celebrity and also because I gave her pain medicine and anxiety medicine. The prosecution looked at it as an admission of guilt… It wasn’t a crime to do that, but it was morally wrong perhaps or misjudgment, but didn’t rise to a nefarious act of criminal behavior, but it was portrayed as such.”

These days, Kapoor is staying out of the spotlight, too. He survived the arrest and trial and is now focused on his medical practice in L.A. and raising his twin boys.

Louis Kravitz
Dr. Kapoor today.

He told us, “I went to the edge of losing everything, and of course Anna Nicole lost her life, as did her son, so it was a profound time in my life, so I decided I wanted to have my side of the story told.”

“Trust Me, I’m a Doctor” is available now.