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People Think Paris Jackson Looks Like '80s Madonna... and Paris Agrees!

People Think Paris Jackson Looks Like '80s Madonna... and Paris Agrees!
Jean-Paul Goude/Harper's Bazaar

The King of Pop's daughter is looking a lot like the Queen!

Paris Jackson's April 2017 Harper's Bazaar cover and layout have fans seeing doing double takes noticing her resemblance to 1980s-era Madonna.

The styling in the shots, taken by legendary shooter Jean-Paul Goude (who helped Kim Kardashian "Break the Internet" for Paper magazine) is unmistakably Madonna, from a time when the Material Girl rocked a glammed-up gamine look and was posing for photographer Herb Ritts.

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Jean-Paul Goude/Harper's Bazaar, Warner Bros. & Herb Ritts/Tatler

On the cover, Paris looks like Madonna from one of her British Tatler covers. In a shot recalling V-E Day, Paris is perched on a jeep with some model soldiers/soldier models, wearing a top strikingly reminiscent of Madonna's 1986 "Papa Don't Preach" video.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 11.21.30 PM
Jean-Paul Goude/Harper's Bazaar & Warner Bros.

There's even a snap of Paris jitterbugging that calls to mind Madonna's 1992 flick "A League of Their Own," although Madonna was a brunette at that time and did not do her fancy footwork in Chanel.

Still, even Bazaar writer Candace Bushnell — the woman who gave us "Sex and the City" — noted the resemblance, writing, "Then there was the shoot at the Eiffel Tower. Posing in a slightly see-through white shirt, her arms spread wide, and her red-lipsticked mouth smiling in a way that made you do a double or triple take — was that Marilyn? Madonna? Or Madonna doing Marilyn? — the photos had the Internet buzzing."

With everyone saying Paris looks like Madonna, who famously admired her dad and even went to the 1991 Oscars with him as her date, the stage was set for Paris to reject the comparisons. Instead, she embraced them, tweeting directly to Madonna a fan-made side-by-side comparison of the women.

"@Madonna some of the edits people send me get pretty wild but i'm kinda starting to dig it," Paris wrote to the woman who eulogized her dad at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009.

No reply from Madonna — yet!

The April issue of Harper's Bazaar is on newsstands now.