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John Legend Laughs Off 'Vulgar' Anti-Trump Twitter Hack

John Legend Laughs Off 'Vulgar' Anti-Trump Twitter Hack
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John Legend, one of the most opinionated and wittiest voices on Twitter, suddenly sounded uncharacteristically crass on Friday — and it was because his account had been hacked.

Us Weekly reports the singer realized he had been hacked, and warned fans in advance of a string of expletive-laden tweets, including one that threatened to "stomp" President Trump, referred to as a "cheetoh."

The user who hacked Legend later admitted it and has been suspended.

Legend let it roll off his back, calmly explaining the situation to his followers:

Legend's wife Chrissy Teigen, also no fan of Trump's, seemingly enjoyed the hack, sharing a screengrab of a DM she received in which the hacker, posing as John, wrote her to announce, "I have a small penis."

"Best dm of my life @yashar," she tweeted.