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Sean Hayes Talks ‘Will & Grace’ Comeback

Sean Hayes Talks ‘Will & Grace’ Comeback

Actor Sean Hayes premiered his new CNN docuseries “The History of Comedy" at Sundance, but it is his return as Jack McFarland that fans have been waiting for.

Over the weekend, “Extra’s” Jerry Penacoli chatted with Sean about the “Will & Grace” revival, which is coming back to NBC later this year. He said, “Oh, my gosh, we're all, like, so excited — we can't believe it’s happening. We all wanna do it and we're all doing it, so it’s exciting.”

Asked if the cast ever thought the show would return to TV, he said, “No. None of us did — ever. We all ended it so lovely and it meant everything to us to end on a high note like that.” He added, “It just seems to be the right time to bring something like this back... Something in the universe makes it feel right, like it's time for it to come back."

As for “The History of Comedy,” Sean shared, “It’s an eight-part documentary series on CNN... It’s a look at [comedy] throughout the decades and how it has influenced society, politics and the way we perceive things.”

“The History of Comedy" premieres on CNN on February 9.