Outdoor Adventures in Vancouver Await You

Vancouver is known for being a cosmopolitan metropolis on the cutting edge, but this Canadian city is also on the edge of a natural outdoor paradise!

“Extra’s” Michael Corbett takes you into the great outdoors, where you can go mountain biking, kayaking or hiking in the beautiful scenic mountains.

In the beauty of the outdoors, Darren Butler provides tourists and locals with the experience of a lifetime through his excursion company, Endless Biking. “We can provide anything from a city tour to a peddling tour… it’s a little bit more fitness based, but you still getting a chance to experience the awesome trails and beautiful forests of the area."

Darren's most popular excursion is the mountain tour. “That will get you out into the forest. You're still going to climb up the mountain, but you're still going to get an exhilarating descent through the world famous North Shore trails."

If getting into the snow is more your thing, the skiing, snowboarding and snow sports you can access in Vancouver rival anywhere in the world.

Hop in the water to cool off on a hot day along Vancouver’s seawall. It’s the longest waterfront in the world and it’s perfect for boating and kayaking.

At the end of the day, whether it's city, scenic, peddling or swimming, Vancouver has you covered!

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