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Ricky Martin Dishes on Wedding Plans with Fiancé Jwan Yosef

Ricky Martin Dishes on Wedding Plans with Fiancé Jwan Yosef

It was a big week for Ricky Martin… the Latin music superstar announced his Las Vegas residency and his engagement to artist boyfriend Jwan Yosef. Only “Extra’s” Mario Lopez caught up with Ricky in Las Vegas, where he opened up about his wedding plans.

Ricky proposed to Jwan, sharing, “It was spontaneous.” Though they haven’t started the wedding planning just yet, he revealed, "It’s gonna happen and it’s gonna be good.”

On whether they will go big or small for the wedding ceremony, Ricky responded, “We don't know if it's gonna be a big event or something very quiet and intimate.” Mario, who has known Ricky for a long time, even partying with him and Jwan at Eva Longoria’s wedding, insisted it has to be big. Ricky commented, “Right! Everybody says the same thing. 'What, are you kidding me? It's your first one. Give me a break. Just go for it. Loud. Big salsa orchestra.’”

He is also not opposed to performing at his own wedding. Ricky joked, “Are you kidding me? I will jump onstage.”

Martin’s twin boys will definitely be a part of the festivities as well. Ricky gushed, “Boys are great. They're growing like crazy, 8 years old, this week we visited five cities in eight days, and if they spend too much time in one place they go, 'Dad, what's next?’" Though the twins have never been apart, they are very different, he pointed out. “One of them is all about nature. He loves the water. He loves the sand… And the one is more systematic… And he needs to know what's gonna happen. He's a bit more of a control freak."

The family is getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving in Puerto Rico. “My fiancé’s family is traveling to Puerto Rico, so it's gonna be very beautiful holidays.”

After the holidays, Ricky will prep for his Las Vegas residency at the Park Theater at the Monte Carlo, “The energy is gonna be amazing.” He’ll be singing all of his hits, like “Livin' La Vida Loca,” “Shake Your Bon Bon,” and “She Bangs.” He said, “I just want to show who I am. I want to be real about it… We’re gonna have that international touch. I want a show where people leave this theater flying high. I want people… to forget about all their issues and celebrate. This is gonna be Carnival.”

“We start in April and we're gonna be here until September. It's gonna be awesome,” Ricky added.