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Why Robert Redford Does Not Indulge in Social Media World

Why Robert Redford Does Not Indulge in Social Media World

Actor Robert Redford is one of Hollywood’s most private stars, but he recently sat down with “Extra’s” Terri Seymour to talk about his latest film, "Pete's Dragon.”

Redford revealed he isn’t a fan of the recent surge in social media and prefers to live his life out of the public eye. The Oscar winner said, "Tweets and Facebook, all these avenues of going public with yourself that don’t appeal to me, I think I owe the public a story to be told. I don’t necessarily owe them my life… I want to treat that as something special to me. I don’t want to broadcast that, simply because I want to keep that to myself.”

Aside from social media, Redford also does not enjoy watching himself on the big screen, commenting, “I don’t like it — never have.” Though he’s made countless films in his legendary career, he has not seen all of them, adding, “I can’t explain… it makes me uncomfortable.”

Something else that makes the 79-year-old uncomfortable is the current presidential race. The star of such political movie classics as “The Candidate” and “All the President’s Men” characterized the 2016 election as, “Looney Tunes and not-so-nice melodies, that’s how I look at it… It makes me sad that we’ve dropped that low in our behavior politically, that we’ve dropped that low in our expectations. It makes me sad. I think America deserves better treatment.”

Redford thinks he is giving America something to be happy about with the family-friendly remake of “Pete’s Dragon,” which gave him “a chance to return to my own childhood… A chance to step back in that moment of time.”