First Look at Lamar Odom’s Struggle in Intensive Care, Plus: Is He Drinking Again?

On Sunday, Lamar Odom made his return to “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” after a few years off the show.


The episode focused on Lamar’s first public appearance since his near-death experience in October. Lamar’s first public outing was at Kanye West’s Yeezy fashion show. While on a plane, viewers were shown a pic of Lamar fighting for his life in an intensive care unit with tubes coming out of his mouth and nose.

A video of Lamar watching Kanye rap at the hospital was also shown. Kim reflected on her conversation with Lamar, who told her that Kanye helped save his life. She shared, "There was a time when Lamar couldn't really express himself and he couldn't really talk, but he could hear what we were saying to him.”

She added, "Kanye really felt we can cure him through music, we can get him to talk. He would go to the hospital and he would rap and sing and I think Lamar started to get his function back and started to talk once he started to listen to a lot of music.”

Khloé elaborated, "To get to a hospital and hear someone has four hours to live is horrible. Lamar wasn't able to walk, he had no facial recognition, he didn't know people's names.”

While Lamar was in a coma, he experienced vivid dreams. He shared, "I kept having real dreams. In-depth dreams. People that had passed on.” He added, "I don't remember bumping into Jesus, but…"

When Kourtney asked if he visited heaven, Khloé responded, "I think he went to heaven from the conversations he has with me. They told me he was basically dead."

Before the fashion show, Khloé admitted to Lamar about his first public appearance, "I'm nervous. This is nerve-wracking. You haven't been in public ever. I have more anxiety than you do, I'm sure, but I think it's because I don't think you understand… I want to make sure your brain doesn't get in overdrive.”

Lamar replied, "Nothing's stressing me out on Kanye's day today. It ain't about me.”

Lamar was greeted by loud cheers when he walked into Madison Square Garden for the show. It was quite the contrast from a few months earlier. In a video clip shown on the show, Lamar was seen learning how to walk again with the help of a frame at the hospital.


Backstage at the show, Lamar and Caitlyn Jenner met for the first time since her transition. Caitlyn told Lamar, "I love you, buddy. I'm so happy you're here.” Lamar revealed to Khloé after the meeting, "I called her ‘Bruce' the first couple of sentences."

On the flight from New York, Lamar and Khloé talked about the idea of remarrying again. Kris showed pics of her friend Melanie Griffith, who married Don Johnson twice. She told Lamar, "If you're lucky that could be you, Lamar.” He responded, "I'll say my prayers.” Khloé chimed in, "We're definitely getting out of this marriage because it's been a little tainted. We need to cut our ties and we can figure it back out."

Just hours before the episode aired, Lamar was snapped drinking cognac at the Beverly Center. Lamar apparently swore to Khloé that he would stop drinking and doing drugs after he survived his overdose in October.