'The Flash': The New Harrison Wells Is 'Even Less Cool Than He Was Before'

'The Flash': The New Harrison Wells Is 'Even Less Cool Than He Was Before'

Harrison Wells is back and about to stir up some trouble on “The Flash.”

Of course, the Eobard Thawne-possessed Harrison Wells we all knew and loathed last season is gone, replaced by a new scientist via Earth 2.

Who's in the Grave? 'Arrow' Star Paul Blackthorne on Rumors It's Quentin Lance caught up with Tom Cavanaugh, Grant Gustin and the rest of the cast while on “The Flash” set in Vancouver to learn more about Harrison 2.0 and how the team reacts to him. 

Cavanaugh revealed that he wanted to take the new Wells in a completely opposite direction. He described last season’s Wells as having “a certain intelligence and charm and mannered way about him, a thoughtfulness. I think the expectation was that this same person coming from Earth 2 would be like that and my thought was ‘Why?’”

He continued, “If he is much more brusque and arrogant and generates conflict, then I think all the better for the show and for me to play that… I also think given the people who do watch this show and how passionate they are, there will be a lot of vitriol directed my way this season, and I think that is fine.”

Tom joked that just as Eobard was committed to his plan, the new Wells is “similarly committed” to his mission.

So what did the S.T.A.R. Labs crew think when they met the new Harrison?

Grant explained that Barry has “an appropriate initial reaction,” including “shock, confusion, fear, but he moves on pretty quickly, because we are grasping this Earth 2 idea.”

He went on to say, “Barry is wanting to trust him, and in a way is quicker to trust him than he was to trust Jay when Jay shows up, which is kind of confusing. They have a very interesting relationship and the layers are still getting peeled back. The relationship has not defined itself fully yet… he’s less of a bad guy and just more of a douchebag.”

Joe West has the opposite reaction. Jessie L. Martin said, “I don’t trust the first Harrison so if the new guy shows up looking just like him I don’t trust him either, so you will see a lot of that. He comes back and he’s even less cool than he was before.”

Carlos Valdes wouldn’t confirm if Cisco has encountered Wells, but did say, “All I know is that if something like that were to happen, I think Cisco would be quite shocked and I don’t think it is a surprise to anyone that it would hit Cisco very hard and it would take a lot for him to open up his vulnerabilities to a person like that, especially to a person that he associates with killing him… if something like that were to happen, it would not be easy.”

While Danielle Panabaker is happy to be working Tom, it sounds like Caitlin is not equally thrilled to be in contact with Harrison. “Her initial reaction is not good. Everyone is taken aback by it, for sure, but again, that’s way more fun to figure it all out and unravel that mystery.”

Teddy Sears kept things vague, but admitted that Jay Garrick and the Earth 2 Harrison have crossed paths. “Jay and Harrison certainly know each other, but Harrison Wells is a guy who is known to many people because of who he is back there.”

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