Dan Aykroyd Reveals He’s Read the New ‘Ghostbusters’ Script: ‘Oh Man, It's Hot’

The stars came out to honor Steve Martin last night, June 4, as he was presented with the American Film Institute's 43rd Life Achievement Award. One of those stars, Dan Aykroyd chatted with “Extra’s” Charissa Thompson on the red carpet, where he revealed he has read the script for the all-female cast “Ghostbusters” reboot.
Aykroyd, who starred and co-wrote the1984 film, said, “Oh man, it’s hot. I read the script and those girls are gonna kill it.”

He continued, “You’ve got four amazing cast members there; Melissa [McCarthy], Kristin [Wiig], Leslie [Jones], then Kate McKinnon, and it’s gonna introduce a whole new generation of females.
“We need women ‘Ghostbusters,’ so you’ll have a bunch of kids there who’ve never seen it before and they’re gonna see it and go back and watch the other two, and so that’s a great way to keep it alive,” Aykroyd added.
Aykroyd, who was at the event to pay tribute to his longtime friend, called Martin “a brilliant intellectual philosopher.”

He continued, “He’s a guy who’s perhaps of more than average intelligence for an actor, and I think that drove a lot of his writing and his ability to connect with people.”