Plaintiffs Speak: Why They're Suing Bruce Jenner

Plaintiffs Speak: Why They're Suing Bruce Jenner
Marc Piasecki/Getty Images
Dana Redmond and William Howe, who are suing Bruce Jenner over the car crash that killed their stepmother, Kim Howe, are contradicting a report on TMZ that they had "virtually no relationship" with the deceased.

A statement from their lawyers, Jeffrey Wolf and John Sheehan, asserts:

"Kim Howe was the step-mother to Dana Redmond and William Howe for approximately 40 years. Even after their father's death ten years ago, Dana and William continued to have a close relationship with Ms. Howe.  So far, no one has accepted responsibility for the collision that resulted in Ms. Howe's death. Her children feel an obligation to bring the truth to light and seek justice for Ms. Howe.  This lawsuit is the only tool at their disposal that gives them the ability to do so."

According to the Daily Mail, Bruce only had $250,000 in insurance, which could leave him exposed if a large verdict is awarded in the case. His publicist has denied that Bruce was texting at the time his Cadillac rear-ended the victim's car, and police are still investigating the matter.