Final Straw in Susan Sarandon’s ‘Boytoy’ Relationship Plays Out Online, ‘I Feel Really Betrayed’

Susan Sarandon and ex-boyfriend Jonathan Bricklin’s relationship reached a breaking point by the end of episode nine of his AOL Originals series “Connected,” leaving the couple tearing up as Bricklin struggled to come to grips with living in the shadow of his famous girlfriend, Sarandon.

“Whenever we're in public, I still can't help feeling like I'm her sidekick,” the 37-year-old reality star said to Sarandon, and the cameras in their Manhattan apartment.
The couple and SPiN club co-owners met on a 2010 road trip to Chile, and were still dating during the six months the web series was filmed.
A source of their frustration on the show seemed to be their 30-year age difference, with Bricklin telling his 68-year-old partner at one point, “You look like a Seventies sex symbol.” Sarandon paused, and then laughed, asking, “A sex symbol who's almost 70 or just a Seventies sex symbol?”
Bricklin, an aspiring writer, confessed to Sarandon, “As a man, I would maybe like to make a mark for myself in this world. Maybe I don't want to be just the boytoy?” He continued, “Honestly, the boytoy [stuff] I thought was flattering initially and I tried to live up to that, but now five or six years have passed and that's my f***ing life, and that's not okay.”

Sarandon replied off-camera, 'What you're doing is framing your life as important because it depends on me, so how is that any different from being a boytoy?”
“You're a man who has so many interesting people in his life, so many interesting things. I'm not the reason your life is important. You're the reason your life is important,” she continued as you hear her tear up off-camera. “I feel really betrayed that now it's all up to me to make this worthwhile? Now it's my problem?”
Sarandon exited behind closed doors, and cameras quickly cut to Bricklin, who was now talking directly to the camera with red, puffy eyes, “So f***ing annoying. Feeling like I love her more than anyone I've f***ing ever known, and can't somehow communicate very effectively. It just feels like individual issues, baggage, are kind of clashing with each other.”
Last month, Bricklin confirmed to Page Six that the couple split... by stating they were taking time apart to “refresh.” Bricklin admitted that the show “added challenges” to their relationship.
Connected” is AOL’s first long-form series. AOL has been releasing four new episodes every two weeks with 20 episodes total.