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Celebrity Trainer Tracy Anderson Opens Up About Weight Struggles, and the Fad That's Harming Women

Tracey Anderson has a long list of celebrity clients, including BFF Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and reality queen Kim Kardashian, but the fitness guru to the stars says that “celebrity” is the craze that is most dangerous to women when it comes to their weight, and opened up about her own body issues in the May cover story of Health magazine.

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“It’s called celebrity. We should love their work, but to blow up their importance to the level of obsession takes away from our own beauty and our own gifts,” says the 40-year-old fitness expert.
The daughter of a dance instructor, Anderson realized her own obsession with weight at a young age, revealing, “I was 19 and gained about 35 pounds, I attribute it to the wonderful world of marketing and the science of ‘everything’s fat-free.’”

For 16 years, Anderson’s mission has been to create a balance where there is imbalance in your body. She created the Tracy Anderson Method at just 21 after gaining 60 pounds while pregnant with her first son, but admitted to the mag she wants to get away from the notion that her method makes you “teeny-tiny.”
“I’m not trying to make everyone the same. To me, ‘hot’ is not defined by a height or weight or measurement; hot is going to the root of who you are,” said Anderson.
Anderson went on to praise famous females like Lena Dunham and Kim Kardashian for changing the standards of beauty in Hollywood.  

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“You take a Kim Kardashian, who is a curvaceous, voluptuous, petite woman — and she’s on the cover of Vogue! I like that. I think that’s progress. Lena Dunham, who is a buddy of mine, is on the cover selling magazines with her beauty and her light.”

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