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Sweetest. Thing. Ever! How Adam Levine Made a Kid’s Dream Come True

Sweetest. Thing. Ever! How Adam Levine Made a Kid’s Dream Come True
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Adam Levine and his band Maroon 5 warmed hearts when they gave a 10-year-old superfan a special meet-and-greet on Monday.
Christopher Warner, who has Down syndrome, loves Maroon 5’s music and particularly idolizes Levine.
One of his teachers, Avery Stanert from the West Friendship Elementary School in Maryland, made a video of Christopher singing the band’s hits and more, and it went viral:  

According to TODAY.com, radio hosts at Hot 99.5’s The Kane Show saw the video, and days before the band was set to play nearby in Washington, D.C., they arranged for Christopher, his mom, Stanert and few others to receive backstage passes and tickets.
When it came time for Christopher to meet Levine, however, he panicked and suddenly became shy, crouching on the floor with his mom.
To make Christopher more comfortable, Levine and the band simply got down on the floor with him. See the Kane Show’s tweet!  

Stanert told TODAY.com, “He’s a typical 10-year-old boy. He loves music, he loves drawing, he loves his friends. He’s just a very caring, really amazing boy, and so is his twin brother. His whole family is really great.
She added, “We’ve been really happy to see how Down syndrome has gotten a lot of attention for this. Kids with Down syndrome are just like their peers.”