Celebs React to Brian Williams’ Suspension… and Should He and Jon Stewart Switch Jobs?

As news broke that NBC News anchor Brian Williams has been suspended without pay for six months for exaggerating a story about a 2003 helicopter ride in Iraq (for which he apologized), some celebrities voiced their opinions on Twitter.

Celebs React to Brian Williams’ Suspension… and Should He and Jon Stewart Switch Jobs?
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Patrick Wilson: “So Brian Williams is suspended for 6 months? ASININE & RIDICULOUS. We were lied to about a WAR...and those folks seem to get off just fine.”
Stephen King: “Brian Williams: Suspended 6 months. George Dubya ("Chemical weapons in Iraq--EEK!") $200,000 per year in pension benefits. America, kids.”
Jeffrey Wright: “Relieved Brian Williams is benched cause he's the only truth-challenged one in broadcast news. Now let's go scoop all the wet out the ocean.”
Donald J. Trump: “I have long stated that Brian Williams was not a very smart guy - all you have to do is look at his past. Now he has proven me correct!”
Mia Farrow: “Unseemly & chilling how some of these TV journalists are reveling in every second of their Brian Williams take downs.”
Sean Astin: “Great comments on the #brianwilliams story. I'm more forgiving of what I've read so far, but the higher standard argument is fair. bummer.”
Andy Richter: “Is there any video of the @hannibalburess joke that exposed Brian Williams?”
Anderson Cooper: “Very possible #BrianWilliams will not be back after suspension in 6 months. Do you think he will be? Should he come back?”
Megyn Kelly: “.@brithume on #BrianWilliams suspension: ‘That’s a hard thing to come back from, and I hope he can do it.’ #Kellyfile”
James L. Brooks: “If Brian Williams. can look that smooth while being somewhat messed up inwardly maybe just a layer down I am incredibly smooth.”
Others are also suggesting – jokingly or not – that Williams should take Jon Stewart’s job on “The Daily Show” now that the political satirist announced he’s leaving, and that Stewart should actually helm a real news program.

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“Dancing with the Stars” host Tom Bergeron tweeted, “I think I know what's happening. Jon Stewart is leaving to teach Brian Williams how to anchor a fake news show that people actually trust.”
Crazier things have happened.