Johnny Depp’s Hilarious Response to Being Called ‘Cool’

“Mortdecai” leading lady Gwyneth Paltrow recently called Johnny Depp “very cool.” 

“Extra” was with Depp and co-star Paul Bettany in London to chat about the new film, and we asked Depp how he stays so cool.

Johnny Depp’s Hilarious Response to Being Called ‘Cool’
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He quipped, “Air conditioner.”

All joking side, Depp was flattered by Gwyneth’s comments. “I mean, that’s very kind of Gwyneth. I think if you know anything about stuff like that, think about yourself in that sort of way, you probably are an a**, know what I mean?”

Depp recently told late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel that he used to develop his movie characters by playing with daughter Lily Rose, but that wasn’t the case with Charles Mortdecai.

He explained, “Not this time around. Also she’s 15, they don’t care what you’re doing… but it’s true. I used to play Barbies with my daughter, test characters on her.”

Depp and Bettany had a lot of fun filming “Mortdecai.” Bettany said, “I think one of my personal favorite moments was making Johnny laugh so much that his mustache exploded off his face and leapt about five feet through the studio… It was a personal triumph for me, but we laughed all the time.”

As for Mortdecai’s look, Johnny was glad to be rid of it once filming was done. “I couldn’t wait to not be blonde.”

“Mortdecai” opens in theaters this Friday.