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Kirstie Alley’s Amazing 50-Pound Weight Loss: ‘It Does Have to Become a Lifestyle’

"Extra's" special correspondent Angie Martinez caught up with Kirstie Alley in NYC, where the actress discussed how she lost an incredible 50 pounds with Jenny Craig.

Kirstie Alley’s Amazing 50-Pound Weight Loss: ‘It Does Have to Become a Lifestyle’
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Alley explained, "I exercise moderately on my yellow townie bike. Sometimes I go out for an hour or two hours… I tried to think like a kid. They are always in motion."

Kirstie continued, "It does have to become a lifestyle. I always thought that was like 'YOLO' or so overused. Then I thought I don't want to ever do this again, so I had to look at the longevity of my life and the quality of my life. I had to find something that I would love and continue to do."

As for how she made it through the holiday season, Kirstie said, "This holiday was lucky for me because I actually lost weight because I learned how to eat properly… I had a lot of fun. I had what I wanted. It is sort of a holiday miracle because in the past I probably would have gained eight pounds or something."

On the topic of Kirstie's very publicly criticized battle with her weight, the actress said, "It doesn't feel nice. I can't say it's complimentary. I'm a bit competitive, so sometimes it makes me say, ‘Revenge is sweet.'"

Remembering the time she made an appearance on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" in a bikini, Martinez asked if she’d do that again. Kirstie exclaimed, "Hell no!"

How about a magazine cover? Alley laughed, "I don't know. I might do nudes. Nude on my yellow bike would be something no one has ever seen."

As for what’s up next for Alley, she said, "I would actually like to start acting. I want to do some films… I want to do Broadway. I want to do some work that I would be really, really proud of.”