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How to Restore Your Hair Using the Biomethod!

Beautiful hair is always a hot topic on Hollywood red carpets, and for good reason. Americans spend an estimated $11 billion dollars a year to keep their hair beautiful, and over a billion dollars a year battling baldness. 

Now, Trichologist Shann Christen is calling out that industry, and introducing a revolutionary new product, Biomethod. 

“We cannnot mistake cosmetic haircare for healthy haircare. Stop the cosmetic coverup and grow healthy hair," he explained. "That's basically the Biomethod concept, hair is alive and is part of the living body.” 

Christen developed the product working hand in hand with doctors and other professionals. He told us, “The body puts the nutrition of the hair last. Biomethod puts the nutrition of the hair first. It's the first line to really address the nutritional needs of the hair.”

"Extra" talked to two of Shann’s patients, former Quiet Riot bassist Sean McNabb and Autumn Robinson whose hair started thinning after a traumatic car accident. They’ve both used Biomethod and they say they are proof it works. Check out the video to see for yourself.

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