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Find Which Medical Tests You Should Have Once a Year

It's a topic that takes center stage on the hit show "Royal Pains" -- concierge medicine. When you get sick, the doctors that practice this kind of medicine will make your home their office.

"Extra" recently sat down with Dr. David Nazarian, Beverly Hills concierge doctor, whose patients range from A-list celebs to business tycoons, and everybody in between.

Even though Dr. Nazarian is based on the west coast, he makes house calls all over the world, venturing as far as Africa.

Not all of the doctor's work is remote. He has a state-of-the-art facility in Beverly Hills where patients can get an "executive physical," which includes an array of medical tests that you should get once a year to cover all of your bases.

Check it out!

Check out Dr. Nazarian's YouTube page here to get an in-depth look at the tests featured in the doctor's "executive physical," and visit My Concierge MD's official site here.