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Johnny Depp Is So Romantic He Wakes Up Amber Heard in the Middle of the Night for…

“Extra’s” Terri Seymour spoke to Johnny Depp at the Los Angeles premiere of his upcoming film “Transcendence,” and got the scoop on his romance with Amber Heard, his kiss with Jimmy Kimmel, and more! 

Johnny gushed about how romantic he is in real life, admitting he’s “Romantic enough to not be afraid to wake up a loved one in the middle of the night with a silly song, like something really, really bad.”

He also reminisced about kissing Kimmel on the funnyman’s show Monday night. “I lose control when I’m around him… Jimmy, there’s just something about him.”

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Terri asked Johnny how the kiss compared to some of the gorgeous co-stars he has locked lips with onscreen. Johnny’s answer was a testament to his love for fiancée Amber Heard. “Well, you know, I had the great pleasure and honor of kissing a co-star in the ‘Rum Diary’… it's been doing alright.”

As for how Amber felt about Johnny’s kiss with Jimmy, he said, “I had to talk her down, I had to talk her down, she understands Jimmy Kimmel is Jimmy Kimmel.”  

“Transcendence” opens in theaters April 18th.