El Gordo on Jenni Rivera's Death: 'I Still Can’t Believe It'

“Extra” spoke with Raul “El Gordo” Molina, one of Spanish TV’s most beloved personalities, at the California home of Jenni Rivera, who was killed on Sunday when her private plane crashed in Northern Mexico.

Molina was at the Rivera home for an exclusive interview with the singer’s family. The “El Gordo y la Flaca” star told “Extra” the Latin superstar was a friend. “I would say of all the people that I interviewed, I was the closest to Jenni Rivera… she was a good friend. I would call her almost twice a week.”

Rivera also felt close to Molina, giving him the exclusive when she filed for divorce from third husband, Esteban Loaiza, in October. In their interview, Jenni revealed Esteban betrayed her.

Molina explained, “She wouldn’t take sh*t from anyone.” He shook his head, “I still can't believe that we are going to be without Jenni Rivera.”

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