Obama vs. Romney Debate: The Body Signals

Body language expert Janine Driver gives “Extra’s” Jerry Penacoli her take on how President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney handled their first presidential debate.

When Romney was speaking, Obama would look away, turning his shoulder. Driver explained, “We face our bodies and our faces to people we like, admire and trust. When I stop looking at you and you're looking at me, I'm giving you the cold shoulder. It's as if he said, ‘I've had enough.’ It's powerful. I think it's going to help the president.”

As for Romney, Driver thought his hand gesturing in making points was effective. “I think he was the ideal example how to use emblems. I want to make three points. Point 1, point 2, point 3. When your gesture matches your story, it will increase the message and the people at home retaining the message.”
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